Good For You 92 - Mixed By Original Gidman'

This mix follows on from Corfu '89...... Astoria '90.... Dance '91 and now Good For You 92'.

As 91 moved into 92..... the raves got bigger and better as the scene catered for the every increasing popularity of the culture. Promotors such as Fantazia, Dreamscape/ESP, Perception, Raindance, Universe, Telepathy, Spiral Tribe, World Dance, Ektos and many more put on legal and illegal open air events. Regular club nights with all night licences, up and down the county like Millwaukes, The Eclipse, Shelly's, Club Kinetic, Labrynth, Sterns, AWOL, Orange would be packed every weekend.

Like so many, myself and crew would travel up and down the country, every weekend... hitting as many of these nights as we could. Particular nights that stand out would be Perception's 'Real Dream' in Longleat Safari Park, Fantazia's 'One Step Beyond' at Castle Donninghton, Dreamscape IV at the Sanctuary and Dreamscape V in Hull, World Dance in Lydd Airport and, AWOL at the Paradise.

Of course, this mix isn't a comprehensive list, its simply tracks that I remember, tracks that got played by some of my favourite DJ's during 1992 whether it was in a field, under a marque or big top or in a club..... these tracks will always remind me of 92.... Good For You.

(Mixed live)


Cedric Winkleburger & The Yellow Blue Berries - Take it Easy
Kid Unknown - Nightmare
Digital Domain - I Need Relief
Dragon Fly - Visions Of Rage
Shut Up & Dance - The Green Man
Awesome 3 - Don't Go (Kicks Like A Mule Remix)
Ragga Twins - Mixed Truth
Dune - Too Much
Blame - Music Takes You
2 Bad Mince - Hold It Down
DJ Crystll - Drop XTC
Twindad - U said U
Rhythm Section - Perfect Love (2am Mix)
Sy-Kick - Nasty (Remix)
Run Tings - Fires' Burning (Finn In Your Face Mix)
4 Hero - Cooking Up Yah Brain
Release - Passion
Globe & The Hardcore Massive - Gone
Luxury - You & Me
The House Crew - Maniac (Hypermix)
First Project - Right Before (Remix)
Mad Ragga Jon - Original Bad Boy
Low Noise Block - Rave In The Bedroom (Part 2)
Structural Damagae - Really Livin'
MC Jay J & Devious D - Times Of Our Lives
Dj Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Never Try The Hippodrome
Manix - You Held My Hand (Remix)
Sacred - Do It Together (The Baggys Mix)
DJ Trace - Rudeboy Hardcore
Tronikhouse - Straight Outta Hell
The Criminal Minds - Re-Baptised By Dub (Selector's Revenge)
DJ Nex - DJ Nex's Theme
DJ Blatant & The Master Programmer - Blatants Theme
Origination - Break Down
The Brothers Grimm - Exodus (The Lion Awakes)
Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 Remix)
Menace Makes 3 - Pure Hysteria (Give Me A Mother Mix)
Noise Factory - Set Me Free
The House Crew - We Are Hardcore (Magic-Fantasy Mx)
Justice & Mercy - Fake Lobsters
Andy Lewis - New Found Strength
S.L.M. - Now I'm Finished (The Bells)
DJ's Unite - DJ's Unite (Remix)
Yolk - Bish Bosh
Rhythm For Reasons - The Grand National (Tango Remix)
3 Thieves & A Liar - In The House
Jem 77 - Never Felt This Way
Satin Storm - Think I'm Going Out Of My Head
Tic Tac Toe - Ephemerol
Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground
Cool Hand Flex - Out Of Control
DJ Clarkee - Have A Good Time
D.S.K.F. - Untitled

    • 143 bpm
    • Key: Cm
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