• George Mihaly
    Winter Can Wait-Mixed By George Hun (2015)

    Winter Can Wait-Mixed By George Hun (2015) by George Mihaly
    Great start :) Love this track George...sounds like something Woodzee would play...what's it called please?Fabulous!And this is just lovely.... gonna have to raid the tracklist :)ClassSublime transitionGreat selection, great flow, pieced together expertly. Thanks George!
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Profile description of George Mihaly:

Music obssesed since 1976. Started to buy and collect albums when he was 12. He was 14 when he played the first time in a public place. Played music from records, tapes,cassettes.He prefers digital platforms nowadays. His eclectic mixes containbalearic,disco,house, ambient, jazz, rock.

George is the Budapest based curator of the Quality Music Lovers Society group on Facebook. He has been a contributor to the ever reliable Balearic Social radio show on Purple Radio, played at the Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds, been a contributor to the Network show on Box Frequency and now hosts his own monthly show ’The Sound Of The Quality Music Lovers’ Society ’ on the station where he spins some choice music, accompanied by some fabulous guest DJ's.

    0:00   Lee Burton - One
    1:20   Cosma - We Are The Same
    6:20   Seahawks - Land of Shadows Dancing (Bonus)
    9:40   Asura - An Talamh
    18:20   Elea - Saraswati
    24:20   Vibraphile - Tea in Marrakech
    29:20   Jorge Carlos - SG12
    33:00   Fenomenon - Sleepy Meadows Of Buxton
    37:40   Tom Middleton - Margherita
    43:00   GMO - Looking Out of the Pouch
    49:40   Ennio Morricone - Ninna Nanna In Blu - Raw Deal Remix
    54:20   Tycho - From Home

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