"World Beyond"
A spinning vortex shines where dreams merge with the real,
A universe alive, creates and turns to dust,
The space has many different voices to reveal
Its many mysteries. And now it's calling you at last...
Go for the burning stars, those beacons far away,
Where they'll reveal a path into the sunlit kingdom.
And breaking from their frozen prisons as they wake
The comets, dogs of white, will venture as you meet them
To take you to the very edges of the void
For even the inanimate cannot cross all the borders
But do not rush to leave and watch as there, devoid
Of warmth, yet gleaming are the lights of alien sapphire worlds
And maybe then you'll know that peace has many forms,
That there is life for which there's been no name to grant.
And that which is called emptiness by any human norms
Is, as a matter of fact, the very World Beyond.
Defying all description it's running in your blood
So shut your eyes and tell me, just tell me if you feel
This shining vortex spinning where all dreams merge with the real -
The Universe forever in the bottom of your heart.

© Vladimir Kuznetsov, 2014

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