Welcome to the next chapter of Homecoming. Inspired by the game universe of Star Citizen and everyone who is contributing to its development, the Homecoming project is meant to show all the beauty and grandeur of the new title by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games via music and poetry. This is a tribute to the amazing multicultural community which is more than just gamers or backers, but a real proof that the United Empire of Earth is already here and together we can accomplish anything imaginable, no matter the borders or political situation.

Space charts installed on tablets
And now with heavy eyelids
The navigator finally
Scans the established route.
A few valiant pilots
Of gleaming metal spaceships
Are sipping space-black coffee
Lost in a thoughtful mood.

Of what are these men dreaming
Just as they near departure?
To what are these men striving
With brave aspiring hearts?
They stand and wait in silence
At their machines with rapture
Of the universe unfolding bright
And endless in their eyes.

Their captain, stern in spirit,
Observes the alien starfront -
Deep in his thoughts already
He’s on his flight, away.
And then at once he’s dreaming
Caught in this childlike feeling:
Where will the path he’s chosen
Bring him at last today?

Key to ignition, roaring
Turbines and rocket engines
And birds of steel are rushing
Into the void, concord.
The brilliant pearl of Vega
Will mark their destination,
And our thoughts follow those
Who are onboard.

© Svetlana Ivanchikova, Vladimir Kuznetsov

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