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    The Chill Out Sessions Feb 16 with special guest Martin Reilly

    The Chill Out Sessions Feb 16 with special guest Martin Reilly by woodzee
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the Chill Out Sessions returns for another 3 hour transcience of the down-tempo arts. This month I'm leaning more towards the dubbier side of chill with tracks old, new and promos yet to be released I'll be joined this month by a friend of mine who you may not be familiar with but I intend to use this platform to hopefully widen the audience of not only established artists but anyone I feel has something to offer. Anyway here's what he somewhat begrudingly has to say about himself ....

I started out playing chill out in the back rooms of Techno clubs back in the mid 90s followed by a couple of years working behind the counter in a record shop in Soho and a few seasons in Mallorca playing Balearic beats in various bars etc.

I'm presently one of the people behind a night called the Shakedown which happens monthly at a pool club in south London. We put on House nights and recently a Reggae one too and have played host to a variety of guests ranging from kid Batchelor, Jus-Ed & Jenifa Mayanja to Earl Gateshead from the Trojan Sound System and many more.

Musically it's all about the sunset for me, and the twilight that follows. I'm currently exploring all avenues of Dub past present and future in the firm belief that it's Jah that has all the best tunes really, whilst spending way too much time trying to formulate a modern day Balearic/Dub fusion born of a fascination of the sounds of small islands where there's only one place the sun goes when it sets, under water.

File under dub, roots, dub techno, deep techno, dub step, deep step, stargaze, sunset, ambient, Balearic, whatever.

The title of this selection is 'A Tidal Dub'




Tune in, Turn On and Chill Out every last Sunday of the Month with myself and Liquid Lounge only on Boxfrequency.fm

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    1) Nicola Cruz - La Mirada
    2) El Buho - Dim Sum
    3) Roots In Session - No War
    4) Shamans Dream - Istanbul Dubphonics (Drumspyder Remix)
    5) Kaminanda - Guardians of Virtue
    6) Ott - Coursing Batch
    7) Misled Convoy - No Ganja Required
    8) Dubsworth - Circular Reason
    9) Dr Trippy - Dr T. meets the Exterminator
    10) E.R.S. - Justice & Equal Rights
    11) Narcotic 303 - Rainforest
    12) Upwellings - Blue Line To Brixton
    13) Fluxion - Let Down
    14) The Nautilus Project - December Night (Hieronymus Remix Version)
    15) Andrea Cichecki - Objective
    16) Cio D'Or - Ur
    17) TKR - Inspiration
    18) Mala - I Wait (Pt.2)
    19) Tapa & Chris Royall - Caverns
    20) Space Dimension Controller - The Nova Report
    21) Orlando "Cachaíto" López - Tumbanga
    22) Med Dred meets Shaky Norman - King Solomon's Melodica Duet
    23) Blind Mishkin & Roots Evolution - Hol Dem (Melodica Dub)
    24) Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Huggel
    25) J.Robinson - Almighty Dub
    26) King Tubby - Drop Dub
    27) Scientist - Dangerous Match 3
    28) Moana & The Tribe - Upokohue (Paddy Free Dub)
    29) Adham Shaikh - Crossroads (Deep South Mix)
    30) Flies + Flies - Sufi (Misled Convoy Remix)
    31) Big Chocolate, DJ Two Stacks - Cloud Knock (Big Chocolate VIP)
    32) E.R.S. - The Bongdub (Demo)

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