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    COS Christmas Escape - Terra Nine Set

    COS Christmas Escape - Terra Nine Set by woodzee
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A new set kindly provided by Mike of Terra Nine whose birthday is on Christmas day. Mike triggers synths sounds with a custom-built electric viola in similar fashion to Steve Hillage with a guitar in System 7.

    5:20   Official Music Team - EL ESDEE
    14:00   Terra Nine - Field of Wishes
    39:20   Terra Nine - Karuna (Kick Bong Remix)
    43:40   Terra Nine - Lucid Dreaming
    59:00   Terra Nine - Love Potion
    1:06:20   Terra Nine - Karuna (Cloower Wooma Remix)
    1:13:00   Terra Nine - Karuna (Astropilot Remix)
    1:19:20   Terra Nine - Posative Vibrations (Terra Nine vs. Trancient Dreams)
    1:30:00   Terra Nine - Karuna (Original Mix)
    1:32:40   Terra Nine - Karuna (Suduaya Remix)

    Chillout, ambient, Ethnic, Psychedelic, Trance, Progressive
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