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This one is truly for fans of Richard Corben
Its quite cheesy for a master of the air brush,
yet hidden amongst all the cheese is fun film
This is from a DVD but source looks like a 9th generation VHS
Heres what the box has to say...
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"Unearthly terror stalks the creatures of THE DARK PLANET,
a Fantagor Video. The Dark Planet, an anthology,
including Tower of Blood and Relief Station on a world many light years away
sinister forces threaten members of an Earth base
A huge tentacled horror from the Tower of Blood eats natives and earthlings alike. A primitive challenges the beast to avenge his murdered mate
A space jockey returns to the Relief Station and confronts the strange attendant and the master computer."

"This live action program with special effects and some clay animation was produced over a perioid of several years by Richard Corben and Bruce Jones. Regular readers of this comic know these two are intimately familiar with the complexities and subtleties of visual storytelling."

    • 169 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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