“Thanks for the Gasoline” (Wizard of Lies)

Original music by TCM Underground Official:

Featuring Angelo Annicchiarico on Guitars:

In times like these
Truth is a hungry child

We’re gonna feed the child
Let’s feel the child

Today is the day
The tent is folding up
This crazy circus gone psycho
Big top burning down
Crazy Clowns are back in town
We turn our backs and laugh and laugh

Oh the lies they’re telling
We know the difference friends
They need to give it up
Trying to sell us - we’re done believin’
We’re taking our own road
And it winds around the throat of the path of the past

We’re living life on the edge of chaos
Strike a match and watch it burn and burn
Stoke the fire and make a scene
Won’t find us begging for mercy
Don’t pardon us by any means

For those of you out there trying to contain us
You’re just adding Gasoline
Thanks for the Gasoline
Help push us on to our extremes

Thanks for the Gasoline

In times like these
Truth is a hungry child
Gonna feed the child
Gonna feed the child

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