This is the 3rd song that I've worked on with Phil Currie (GuitarPhil7) and each time I am amazed at not only his musical talents but what he can do with the vocal tracks I send. After two "blow the doors off" style rockers, here is a tilt towards a more emotional power ballad. We hope you enjoy it. And if you get the chance, I think you should go to your Reunion after all.... Cheers! Chris


Oh a Reunion
Can we have a reunion?
To hold on
Like Yesterday

Standing here
It’s flashbacks to tension
And hesitations
and the tenderness of love
of love

It’s writing letters never sent
It’s holding on to hopes
For a first kiss
It’s excitement that comes with living
Before stumbling down

It’s an unknown fate
Being lost before we’re found
Oh you ask me do I remember

Not only do I recall
But in my heart
I’ve started planning our reunion

Ask me do I remember those days
All I can say is
It’s my biggest mistake
But I remember everything

Some of life’s largest heartaches
Come from chances we don’t take
But what time can’t steal away
Is how I remember everything

For the past do I need to repent?
Can I make up for all the chances I missed?
Can you feel the vibe my heart is still sending
As we move around and around?

Is it ever too late
To uncover what can be found?



Oh a Reunion
Can we have a reunion?
To hold on
Like Yesterday

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Music written by Phil Currie © 2016
Lyrics written by Chris Barnett for Questionable Enterprises LLC. © 2016

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