Lyrics : Chris Barnett
Vocals : Chris Barnett
Bass : Sasha Strings 
Guitars : Sasha Strings
Drum Programming: Sasha Strings
Arrangements : Sasha Strings
Editing, Composing : Sasha Strings
Mixing : Sasha Strings
Mastering : TST Studio Thailand
Art cover : Angela Pesic

“Midnight Firefly”

Johnnie had his whiskey
And his old 45
“I always carry it with me,” he said
“I will ‘til the day I die”

Some days are made for dying
Hang dark clouds up in the sky
But see how the sun is still trying
To shine through with my light?

I’m not ready for goodbye
I wanna go on livin’ tomorrow
A fire still burns in my belly
I am the midnight firefly

“Clocks keep on countin’
Do I hear the Reaper’s feet drag on the floor?
But this spirit still stirs within me
I search for the evermore

All of this life’s hard earned lessons
What did they teach me?”
He took another shot of whiskey
And breathed a desperate sigh

“When the Reaper comes a knocking
I’m not ashamed to say I’ll cry
Maybe I’ve had a little too much whiskey
But I hope to shoot him right between his eyes

So if you ever miss me
Looking up into that vast empty sky
Do you see that little flicker?
I am the midnight firefly”

Written by Chris Barnett for Questionable Enterprises LLC. © 2017

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