From the Album "Time Reveals All Wounds"
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In memory of those brave souls that give more than anyone should be asked to give. May there be peace on earth.

Music by Brian Wilson:
Vocals and Lyrics by Wild Christopher:

"Little Bit Broken (A Soldier’s Surrender)”

Can you feel a difference?
Or does nothing become of it?
Become of it yet?

We’re a little bit broken.
Try to rise above it.
Above it
Above it

You say you don’t understand it
I’m not surprised
I don’t understand it all myself

We’re told it’s for the better
For the betterment of man.
Of man.
This man?

We’re a little bit broken
We’re a little on the outside
We’re a little bit lonely
As we surrender our lives

No pain like goodbye
For a dead man walking
I’m a dead man walking

Praying for forgiveness
Or a transport to another place
Or another way

Take all of my baggage
And jump on plane
Or a train
That leads away from here

A shadow of myself
Triggers memories
of believing in always
And sunny days

Need a ray of sunshine
In all this rain
Can I catch a break
From this bitter pain?

We’re a little bit broken
We’re a little on the outside
So much unspoken
Of what we’re feeling on the inside
Ready to surrender
Surrender Our Lives

A Soldier’s Surrender is No Surrender
It’s not what we’re here for

A little bit broken
Heartbreak is a cost
Families left lonely
From the lives that are lost

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