Lives matter. All life is precious.


In the blink of an eye
My world changes
With it hope dies
Brother falls In the arms of the angels

Sneakers on pavement
Run from the scene
Leave him dying
Leave him to bleed

One gun ends the discussion
One gun leads to destruction
One shot
One chance
One life ended too fast

Covered in Shadows
Fueled by the hate
Can I turn back?
Is it ever too late for change?

A gun ends the discussion
A gun has repercussions
A shot
A chance
A life ended too fast

A gun ends the discussion
Street cred calls for justice
Next shot don’t mean nothing
Another life not meant to last

Are we brothers or killing cousins?
It don’t stop
Murder by the dozens
In the end what’s it all mean?
There’s a gun waiting for me...

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Music by SouL Muzick Production
Vocals by WIld Christopher
Lyrics created & owned by Questionable Enterprises LLC. © 2016

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