"complex carbohydrates" by hans and wild christopher

A fun little ditty to another great song from Hans and spiced up with some special artwork by Brooke Rabas (br00k3art.wixsite.com/brookeart)

Music by Hans (@clouders_for)
Lyrics and vocals by Wild Christopher (@wild-christopher-lyrics)

Much like… complex carbohydrates
Takes some time to break on down
But you do a body good
Should I have you yes I should
You’re the kind of girl to keep around

(I want) sugar, sugar
(I want) sugar so sweet
(I want) sugar, sugar
Give it to me
(I want)

Sugar please
Sugar please

I’ve heard that sugar burns so easily (I want)
Guess that is why you set the fire inside of me
Temperature rising
Tensions swell
Work up an appetite
Guess it’s just as well

I reach for the sugar so sweet
(I want) sugar, sugar, sugar please

Yes sugar please
Please…. Please….
Sugar please

(I want)

Artwork by Brooke Rabas (br00k3art.wixsite.com/brookeart)
Written by Chris Barnett for Questionable Enterprises LLC. © 2017

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