“Back It Up”


A lot of fools out there
Know a lot about running their mouths

A lot of fools say a lot of things
Just throw it out

I’m not one of those
That say things so lightly
Not one of those
Spouting off all around town

If I say I love you
Believe it baby
I will back it up
Back it up Baby
If you say I love you
Love you Baby
Will you back it up?
Back it up baby?


Pillow talk can be dangerous
If the truth starts to expand
I know in a moment of passion
You can say more than you planned
But can you back it up baby?
Back it up baby
can you back it up?


Did I just hear you say you love me?
Wait a minute
Wait a minute baby
Can you back it up?
Back it up baby

Don’t want a future
Ends up with me packing
And leaving because of things said in a rush


Photo by: flic.kr/p/kg3wLY

Music by SouL Muzick Production
Vocals by WIld Christopher
Lyrics created & owned by Questionable Enterprises LLC. © 2016

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