This what I do and what I did for the last 15 Years. Bless Da Funk. Enjoy the "Best Of" Album. Kampai !!! Listen to the Continuous Album Mix HERE .


Huge Thanks & Greetings to: The Universe, The Spirit and The Muse, Mom, Pa, Nana, Jake, Cathrine & Lena, Nicolai, Perry & My Very Hairy Daughter Polly, My Grandma Vera (RIP my Dear), Rumen "Discotizer" Petrov, Tilman & Basti Hahn, Albert S. Gabriel, David Kommander, Timo & Panic Tree, OJ Reiss, Artur & Zhenya, The GKA Family, Theo Siegfried & Andreas "Disco" Gessner & The FCC Family, My Berlin Family, Eric D. Clark, Hans Nieswandt, Justus Köhncke, The Zerlett Family, Everybody @ Okinawa 69, The Cell Band, Everybody @ TPB, Ny Cologne Family, Alex, Christoph Kruse, Oliver, Robert, Adele, Everybody @ Habermeyer, Everybody @ Stereo 33, Everybody @ Bloona & Emma Pea, N-o Smit, Jeff Silvertrust & Jens Löckmann, Udo Dackweiler, Susanne Funk (Miss Funk), Axel Trax, Martin & Thomas Hübner, The Sullivans, Marcus Klapproth, Klaus & OMP, Rahel & Die Nixen, Ben DMA (Big Lip), Everybody @ Gomma, FOUR Music & K7, Thomas Dürr, Tyree Cooper, Komi Mizrajim Togbonou, Anna & Caro, Jared Lee Taylor, Overstolz Gang, Kristine Horbach, Tonka & Ian Pooley & Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Stuart Price (Thank You very much For Your Musique you made the last Decades, You were my biggest Inspiration).

    19:00   Numinos - Augentropfen
    1:12:40   The Game - Hate It Or Love It
    1:15:40   Two Door Cinema Club - Sun

    House, Remix Album, Album, Remix, Cologne, Berlin, Best Of, Nu Disco, Funk, Chicago, Piotre Kiwignon, Downbeat
    • Version: Original
    • Type: Remastered
    • Release Date: 07/24/2015 14:32
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    • Berlin, Deutschland
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