WE FORFEIT (Mix 1) :: First One
Procrastination. It’s the name of the game these days. Time spent staring into computers, gazing into tablets, daydreaming in a headphone hermetically sealed bubble. Sure why not? We’re all guilty of it.

It was with an end to such dilly-dallying that I got in touch with a good mate and electronic music nut here in Madrid—Chris Robertson. The plan: get into the habit of making some mixes and get ’em up on that there internet. The result, procrastination. We tried but life got in the way. Nights out. Hangovers. The daily grind.

But finally, finally, after many attempts, computer stresses, corrupted audio files and forgetting to turn on the sound card, the pair of us have managed to put together some tracks in some sort of mixed order. All vinyl. Mixed by our fair, once youthful, hands through aged mixers and recorded on aged computers (forgive any blips and fuzz in advance.)

Our plan, and you’ve probably already guessed this might not always go according to schedule, is to regularly host hour-long mixes of the finest cuts of electronic music, with some intermittent chat, right here on igloomag.com. For the foreseeable future expect acid, ambient, amor, braindance, cold wave, drone, despair, electro, electronica, elation, house, industrial, italo, house, techno, tantrums, synthwave and all sorts more sonic shenanigans.

From the sunshine of Madrid to the headphone hermetically sealed bubble of your head, this is WE FORFEIT.

Downtown : drive.google.com/open?id=0B_zF...VFNhdHhWTUZZTVk

Tracklist ::
Kapé I’llmusier :: Gaspar (A13)
Braiden :: Apex Of The Sun’s Way (Off Out)
Nuron :: Eau Rouge (Likemind)
Pentatonik :: Moulin (Kudos)
R-Zone (02) :: Rosa Luxembourg (R-Zone)
Autechre :: Basscadet (beumonhannanttwomx) (Warp)
Th’idiot :: Radpops (030303)
Composite Profuse :: Unalaska Ice Fields (Shipwrec)
Arcanoid :: Monocyte (Tabernacle)
Edmx :: Girder 86 (Power Vacuum)

Arcanoid :: Monocyte (Tabernacle)

Edmx :: Girder 86 (Power Vacuum)

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    IDM, Techno, B12, autechre, DMX Krew, Electro, electronica
    • 129 bpm
    • Key: Abm
    • Madrid, España
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