After such wanton consumption over the Christmas period, WE FORFEIT have taken on a new years’ resolution. No fad diets, although the lads are already yo-yoing on about three each at the moment. No gym memberships, in spite of the lads already being part of two different ones each (hence the bungee dieting.) No, this year the WE FORFEIT mission statement is simple; to continue as before, maintain the poor choices in most things, but never in music.

Chris gets 2020 rolling with a morphing piece of ambient techno on Spain’s Hooded with Robbie once again showering Aleksi Perälä in praise with three selections from the Finnish master. Chris, an avid digger, surfaces with a superb selection from Artificial Horizon with Itako.
Thanks again to Hyboid for a cracking interview and all the insight he gave into himself, his music and his label Astro Chicken. As a sort of homage, the gentleman have picked out some tracks they think would be right up Hyboid’s alley.

Caustic Window was named as a firm favourite by our Berlin based buddy so Robbie dug into his ample Aphex Twin collection (he’s featured in every Radio Relativa show to date, as was noticed by Callum McCallum who we need ask again not to contact Chris’ family) and plucked out “Cordialatron” from Joyrex5 which is gently mixed with Red Tape on the excellent 030303 before a cracker by RX101.
Keeping the 90s alive, 3 Phase delivers a bending shapeshifting wonder with Surgeon hammering home a pounding machine assault. Mark Forshaw and John Heckle represent with some acid clout and silken daydreams before Chris serves up a tasty selection from Negocious Man, Affective Sauna and Fractions.

WE FORFEIT’s vision of the future is encompassed in music from the past with Nighthawk, Freeez and Bam Bam leading to the tear jerking melancholy of Decadence.

Competitions come but once a year and whoever knows the sample for the TR One track might win themselves a WE FORFEIT mug, send us in your ideas : weforfeit(stick an at here) or through the Faceless ( or the Flogspot (

Intro :: From the laps (Bitmapped)
Irazu :: Levander Mist (Hooded)
Aleksi Perälä :: Nl-L56-18-07473 (Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB))
Mr. Fingers ‎ :: Inner Acid (Aleksi Perälä Remix) (Alleviated Records)
Aleksi Perälä :: NLL561606935 (Clone Basement Series)
Itako :: Fly Over The Forgotten Cities (Artificial Horizon)
Caustic Window :: Cordialatron (Rephlex)
Red Tape :: Coir (@030303)
@RX-101 :: Themis (Suction)
3 Phase :: Rota (@Tresor)
Surgeon :: (Dynamic Tension Records)
Tr One :: Viceroy-9c (Apartment Records)
Mark Forshaw :: Table Etiquette (Computer Controlled Records)
John Heckle :: Blindman's Bluff (Tabernacle)
Negocious Man :: U Gotta Bounce (Microm Records)
Affective Sauna :: Lobby Groove (@Galaxunity)
Fractions :: Dissuasions (Rotterdam Electronics)
Anthony Rother :: Sex With the Machines (Kanzleramt)
Nighthawk :: Eye of the Tiger (RFC)
Freeez ‎:: A.E.I.O.U (Virgin)
Bam Bam :: Where’s Your Child (Tresor)
Decadence :: On & On (Mannequin)

¡Feliz año!

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    Electro, braindance, TECHNO
    • 134 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Madrid, España
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