There is nowhere Chris and Robbie would rather spend their Friday night than in an industrial estate, especially if that industrial estate is home to one best sound systems in the Spanish capital and WE FORFEIT have been invited to hammer out some tunes alongside some of Madrid’s finest. Amongst a line up including Juanpablo (Frigio), Ruben Montesco (Industrias Mekanikas), Fake Robotique, Mora and DJ Zabor, the “Ireland and Scotland” pairing served up near two hours of sweat inducing goodness.

Robbie was up first and reflected the grit of the industrial surroundings with the mechanical groan and grunt of DJ Spider & Phil Moffa before the gruesome grind and vicious slice of Chemotex. A brightening begins with the mysterious finale Wargames 12”, a brightening that is carried into two 90s EBM burners from Interactive and one of Jeff Mills’ first projects as Final Cut. Canada’s Psyche shift us into some angular wave with Justin Van Der Volgen arriving on the scene for a smoulder synth burner and Armando’s lost gem, “Don’t Take It”, adding some Chicago punch. Mick Wills, under his rarely used Kinky Lovers guise with Isabella Venis, reimagines the chilling Hollywood Seven by Alides Hidding as Manse waiting in the wings for some industrial wallop. Colder moods continue with Delta Funktionen before a thaw sets in with the analogue warmth of Dona. The mix ends with a simply superb yet sadly overlooked electro masterpiece, Redshift’s timeless and tense “Glide.”

Chris takes over with a straight for the cerebellum selection from Negocius Man, Franck Sarrio and Mr Batman from the excellent Lunar Orbit Program. Filleting those ruffled edges, Lena Wilikens dreamy remake of Lena Platonos’ “Lego” gives way to the rough and ragged edges of Sanisbar smashes before calm is restored by the pioneering Neil Landstrum. Chris toys with his tracks, meshing with harsher tones and smoother lines. “Signal 27” is a cold dipped dystopian Kraftwerk-like creation, Dawl and Sweet adopting sci-fi modulations against cold vocals. The frigid funk follows into Larionov & St Theodore’s ice clad concoction with temperatures rising for the lipstick stained disco romance of Machinegewehr entangling Nouvelle Phenomene. Chris spikes this love tale with the bloodshot banger that is “The Scene” by Im Keller with Tonnovelle trying to add a modicum of sanity to the proceedings to end.

A muchísimas gracias a toda la gente de Bunk3r y Utopia por la oportunidad. WE FORFEIT.

Tracklist ::
DJ Spider, Phil Moffa :: Blademaster (Sublevel Sounds)
Chemotex :: Schrade Knives (Trilogy Tapes)
Unknown Artist :: Wargames 122 (Wargames)
Interactive :: The Bass Is On Fire (Mecanica)
Final Cut :: Temptation (We Can Elude Control)
Psyche :: Unveiling The Secret (Exclusive Re-Edit) (Emotional Rescue)
Justin Van Der Volgen ‎:: Sketch 2 (My Rules)
Armando :: Don’t Take It (Thomos Edit) (BEE)
Unknown :: Grossstadlichter (Edited By – The Kinky Lovers) (Crème Organization)
Manse :: Tom Tom (MNS)
Delta Funktionen :: Infiltrate (Mord)
Dona :: Energia (Live Cut) (Crème Organization)
Redshift :: Glide (Surface Effect)
Bintus :: Acid Shores (Shipwrec)
Negocius Man :: Malfunction (Microm)
Franck Sarrio :: Crystalline Road X3 (Radio Mars)
Mr Batman :: Illusion (Lunar Orbit Program)
Lena Platonos :: Lego (Lena Willikens Remix) (Dark Entries)
Sansibar :: Nola (Natural Sciences)
Neil Landstruum :: Sahara (Central Processing Unit)
Dawl and Sweet :: Signal 57 (Klasse Wrecks)
Larionov & St Theodore :: Intergalactic Transmission (Rotterdam Electronics)
Nouvelle Phenomene :: Au Fond De Mon Coeur (Machinegewehr Remix) (Bordello A Parigi)
Im Keller :: The Scene (Moustache)
Tonnovelle :: Event Horizon (Where We Met)

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    Techno, Synth wave, Electro, EBM Electronic Body Music
    • 124 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Madrid, España
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