Profile description of Warin:

My music is just guitar and voice, the sound you hear come from the manipulation of harmonic when i play, then i select some effects with ableton to sculpt the sound.
My music, my art is a study, is not conditioned by the rules of market, is humble, full of mistake, in costant growth.

One of the objective of my music is give people a sound eviorement to explore, where there are lots of sound forms that the body recognasize in someway as familar. I like to play the guitar like a form of meditation, in order to concentrate in the performace, and wait for the harmincs to appear, once the eviorement is saturated of waves, i sync with the waves, i loose rational control over the instrument and i accept the guide of some other part of me that is capable to create and access to a greater level of complexity. I consider that process a therapy for the cell and the immune sistem, that's to me is about how we process the concept of immunity on all level, and the desire to be strong inside, i like to think that the cells in the body appriciate the repetitive rithms and draw plasure from that, therefore performace... and therefore i think that these kind of music help the body in it's self repating process.

My music is also a form of prayer to all beings that have been violated and decieved, to all beings closed in a cage for all their life, a cage made of perception crafted accuratly by a system of control of which they are unconscious victims.
My prayer is about the warrior spirit re-learning the difference between organic and inorganic, artificial and natural.

There are no multitrack, just one direct recording with some effects, made with ableton.

Hope you like it and share.

    • 95 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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