Profile description of War Brother:

ar Brother is a Vadodara-based DJ and producer. Parth Patel, has been
making his mark on the electronic music industry, both in India and globally.
From a dream to the reality of creating an environment that puts melody in
your ears, the beats that make your heart jump and the base that makes you
dance is what war brother is all about.

Driven by passion for music, Parth began his musical journey in 2014. The next
couple of years saw this blooming talent from the city of Vadodara,
establishing his own style of production bringing in a fresh new twist to the
scene of music. This DJ and Producer has built a strong force for representing
the hard-hitting big-room house, Jungle Terror, and Twerk music.

Since his debut, War Brother has not let up experimenting and creating music
with multiple genres. His approach to producing huge grooving tracks has
made him a unique part of this DJ industry within a short period of time.
His signature style Mashups and bootlegs has imprinted social media rapidly
promoting his brand “twerkonic” towards the higher league of
Electronic Dance Music, proving his talent and experience.

The future prospects for the DJ are on an upsurge for his remarkable bootleg
work on Badd Dimes classic hit “Go Down Low” & Garmiani 's classic Hit Single
"Bomb A Drop". Major Mashup albums & Original Ep releases since the year
2015 onwards have been major hits resulting in the increased demand for
more albums in 2019.

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