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    Tom Baker's 80's Underground Groove Mix

    Tom Baker's 80's Underground Groove Mix by Tom Baker
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With my ongoing fascination with music, and as I get older, I have got more curious about the point in time that I awoke to music, what may have inspired the people that were making stuff back in the 80s, and what else was out there that I would have missed. Partly due to friends on FB posting stuff, and searching through YouTube, and then Discogs to get Vinyl, I found some records that stirred a distant memory from only hearing them once or twice, along time ago, and also discovered a few new (to me) bits that I have come to massively enjoy.

I recorded this mix for myself to enjoy the records that blur the lines between house-sounding disco, and disco sounding house, i.e. the era where things were moving into electronic production from traditional "band" recordings, and you can "sense" the feel of house music, although it wasn't really known at that time.

So here is 2 hours of the dancier side of my favorite finds from this search and discover. Most tracks are from 1982-1986.

    0:00   Surface - Falling in Love
    3:00   Surface - Falling In Love
    6:00   Chemise - She Can't Love You
    11:40   Terri Jones - Do It Again Tonight (12' Version)
    22:40   Komiko - Feel Alright
    28:20   Chandra Simmons - Never Gonna Let You Go
    36:00   the Love Club - Hot Summer Nights
    41:20   Visual - The Music Got Me
    48:00   Barbara Mason - Another Man
    55:20   Chaz Jankel - You're My Occupation
    1:00:40   The RAH Band - Messages From The Stars
    1:07:20   Rafael Cancian - Try To Change
    1:09:00   Dimitri from Paris - Try It Out
    1:11:20   Gino Soccio - Try It Out
    1:12:00   Alien Disco Sugar - Try It Out
    1:17:20   The System - You Are in My System
    1:36:00   Sass - Much Too Much
    1:52:00   THE FATBACK BAND - On The Floor
    1:53:00   Fatback - On The Floor
    1:57:00   Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

    Downtempo, 80's Groove, Disco, Early House
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