I present you my 2nd techno album under the name JTRXX, 'Loss of a Loved One', dedicated to my emotional mother who died on April 8, 2024. A rhythmic sound journey in my feelings during her end of life and after. She was a very endearing woman who deserved to live longer and I will miss her a lot. Giood listening.

Once upon a time, a story,
An emotional story between a son-in-law and his mother-in-law,
A story of happiness and precipices,
A story that broke not long ago,
A story that loss destroyed,
A story too personal to tell with words,
But which in its pace was a source of inspiration.
Then the words turned into sounds and the sounds into melodies,
Then the words became accustomed in notes,
It was in this perspective that the second album under the name Jtrxx was created.
A tribute, a dedication that takes to heart,
A recitation of light in a dark and sad universe,
An autographed hymn for the loss of a loved one.
It was then that everything took shape to offer you an album rich in emotions, a very personal album that is offered to the public.
It’s then that the pain drifts and turns into pure creativity,
It’s then that this story of loss becomes pure nectar.
I let you enjoy this story, my story, in a very emotional and sentimental album.


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