Written, performed (All Vocals, acoustic guitar, descant recorder & violin) & produced by Graeme Robertson

The closest I have ever got to writing and performing a folk sing. The tambourine is electronic but the rest of the instruments are real although the violin took ages to get this sound and I've never been taught descant recorder so that took some figuring out. All the real instruments are multi tracked. The vocals are single, two and three part arrangements.

Lost forgotten spirits

I stared upon the valley
As the sun began to set
the mist was all around me
why did I sense a threat?

The stream was susurating
as I felt so bereft
what broke a nearby brittle branch?
the crack heard to my left

The lost forgotten spirits
Whose tombstones have long gone
In ways I could not understand
told me their souls lived on

I felt I was amongst them
and they were by my side
Centuries drown memories
But their souls had survived

Their presence seemed so certain
their message came to me
wordless guidance they bestowed
So I could seek the key

The lost forgotten spirits
Whose Artifacts are gone
In ways I could not understand
declared their souls lived on

The lost forgotten spirits
now feel close at hand
The lost forgotten spirits
Still watch upon on this land

    Folk Rock, Vortexia, Acoustic Guitar, Descant recorder, Violin, Multitrack
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