IMHO (in my humble opinion) A kind of Pet Shop Boys Tribute
The track was built from a basic chord sequence and bass line which was recorded via keyboards as a midi file. Timing was cleaned up and a drum track replaced the 130 bpm timing click

Written, performed (Vocals, keyboards and midi programming) & produced by Graeme Robertson

You listen but do not hear what I say
You're mind's on something further away
Nodding your head and pretend to agree
You're paying no attention to me
Stare at your watch and sip your herbal tea
Somewhere else is where you want to be

In my humble opinion
You don't deserve to be where you're at
In my humble opinion
The day will come when you fall flat

Using people as a stepping stone
you cut their reputation down to the bone
Plagarise and give yourself a get out clause
and stop at nothing to further your cause

They over estimate your acheivements
adding praise with acknowledgements
Shielded from inquiries in your teflon suit
The gullible fools think you're so astute

You think that you belong right at the top
I don't see you as the cream of the crop
A mentor thanked you for your sterling work
So you deceived another foolish jerk

Chorus repeat x3 or x4

    feelectronica, Shawne, UK
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