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Dear friends,

this is something I wanted to do for a looong time, digging up rare, eclectic and often unnoticed gems of Electronica, Slow Rave and Deep House, some with soulful ethnic vibes, and create a DJ mix of it. It's been a long process to collect and select, so there's really a lot of work in this.

This is a completely free and uncommercial work for you to enjoy, but I want to ask you to support the artists involved, so please, check the tracklist and buy one or the other track (if you find it!). This is extremely well produced music of the highest quality and the people behind deserve more than just attention or listening to it. Go follow them on social media, Spotify, Soundcloud and whatnot, and again: please, buy some their stuff if you like it.

This is a 6 hour journey which I recommend to approach very open-minded and with attention. As mentioned, this is fantastic music. I call this "Navigator" because the purpose of it is to navigate you through an entire universe of vibes and sounds by artists from very different places. I think, despite the differences, it's a very homogenic piece that can be considered as one.

The duration of it could navigate you through:

• a full working day
• a car, train, bus ride, flight or boat trip
• a full night of love
• a hike through breathtaking landscapes
• a climb up a beautiful and challenging mountain
• another kind of "trip" (be careful with drugs!)
• a visit at your mother in law
• an evening with friends by a cracking bonfire
• a day on the beach
• an afternoon in a cabin in the woods (minus the horror part)
• lying in bed, planning how to save the world, while you watch rain drops hitting your windows

Whatever. You'll know how to enjoy it. I hope you're able to feel as good as I do when listening to it.

Photo by Andrew Draper: unsplash.com/photos/BZlOYIVh8Ss

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    H.U.V.A. Network - Orientations, Part 3 (Uncertainty Principle)
    Dandara & Just Emma - Follow The Call Of The Discoball
    Carbon Based Lifeforms - T-Rex Echoes (Live Version)
    Armen Miran - For Eternity (Birds Of Mind Remix)
    Sasha - Bring On The Night-Time (Stet Remix)
    Rodrigo Gallardo - Ay Que Sera Del Sol
    Dandara - Mira Da Luna
    Armen Miran & Hraach - Inevitable Ending (Viken Arman & Goldcap Remix)
    Mansoor Hassan - Afterthought
    Oceanvs Orientalis Feat. Idil Mese - The Cube
    NU - Cosa Mia
    Sea Raven - Heart Way
    Armen Miran - Precious Story
    Oceanvs Orientalis - The Universe
    Xique-Xique - Apnée
    Zakir - Meree Aatma
    Zakir - Vestido De Lunares
    Shkoon - Ala Moj Al Bahr (Javid Remix)
    Sabo & Billy Caso - Doctor
    Flame On Fire - Possessed
    The Sis - Sombra India
    Armen Miran - Lost Found
    Flame On Fire - 69 Promises
    Bloem Feat. Sadhu Sensi - IziBongo
    Mansoor Hassan - Emblematic
    Troja - Kanjira (Zone+ & Usif Remix)
    Yor Kultura - Pokhara Love
    Zone+, Usif, Maga - Maori
    Nikita Great - Phoebus
    Feathered Sun - Keep It Warm
    Mansoor Hassan - Persia Rising
    Ucha - Whataboutism
    Interaxxis - Autumn Feelings
    Nikita Great - All Comes (Frank Hellmond Remix)
    Bob Moses - Far From The Tree
    Zone+ & Usif - Balkan
    Zone+ & Usif - Namruda
    Hraach & Armen Miran - Lullaby
    Mansoor Hassan - Synaptic
    NU - Endup
    Zakir - Meree Aatma (Sabo Remix)
    Flame On Fire - Flash On Fire
    Oceanvs Orientalis - Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix)
    Acid Pauli - The End
    Zakir - Ruhi
    Hraach - Eternal Soul
    Ucha - Nairobi
    Nikita Great - Russwans
    Ucha - Alemannische
    Mansoor Hassan - Introversion
    Armen Miran & Hraach - Aldebaran
    Armen Miran - For Eternity (Love Over Entropy Remix)
    Armen Miran & Hraach - Inevitable Ending
    Hraach - Una Mattina
    Zakir - Space Tale
    NU - Soltero
    NU - Yerbal
    Nikita Great - Inspire Me
    Nikita Great - Biosphere
    Rodriguez Jr. Feat. Liset Alea - Waste Tomorrow
    Nikita Great - Butterfly
    Flame On Fire - Prisonance
    James Monro - Mantis
    Rodriguez Jr. - Heal Me

    Electronica, Deep house, Deep Tech House, progressive house, Downtempo, Ethnic, World Music, Tribal, tribal house, Slow House, Slow Motion, Slow Techno, slow tech, Slow Rave
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 105 bpm
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