What is an IP address?

An IP address (translated from English as IP means Internet Protocol) is a unique identifier of a device that is connected to the Internet or to a local network. The IP address is a 32-bit binary number. The most convenient way to read the IP address is to write the IP address as four decimal numbers (from 0 to 225) separated by periods (for example,

The main ways to gain access to web resources

  • by name (i.e. shared IP hosting) when a large number of web resources
    have one shared IP address. What is my ip address? In this case, according to the HTTP / 1.1 protocol, when accessing the web server, the browser specifies the
    domain name of the web resource, and then the web server uses this
    name to make the request correctly.

  • by IP address (that is, dedicated IP hosting), when each site on the Internet has its own
    separate IP address, while the web server has several virtual or
    physical interfaces.

What are the IP addresses?

There are three types of IP addresses: static, dynamic, and virtual.

A P-address is considered static (unchanged) if it is fixed by the user in the device settings or if it is automatically assigned when the device is connected to the network, but it is applied for an unlimited time period and cannot be assigned to another device.

An IP address is considered dynamic (changeable) if it is automatically assigned when the device is connected to the network, and it is also used for a limited period of time. In most cases, a dynamic IP address is valid until the end of the connection session.

Also dynamic IP addresses can be virtual. It is worth noting that the maintenance of virtual IP addresses is performed according to NAT technology, the essence of which is that users have the opportunity to freely obtain the necessary information from the Internet, but at the same time there is no possibility of other access to the device from the network, that is, a computer with such an IP does not can be used as a web server.

Non-virtual IPs are called direct, real, public or public, all statistical IPs are such.

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