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I am an independent musician writing/performing/recording/producing my own original music. My influences are primarily from Progressive Hard Rock/Metal/Alternative/Indie/Acoustic rock/bluegrass/ and even sometimes country ( when it's genuine like Zac Brown for instance ) /I dig Ambient kind of stuff when I want ot mellow out from time to time ..and whatever else moves me. My main influences as far as naming them.. well first it's RUSH and then everyone else who I love including mainly Dream Theater, Tool, Queensryche, Mastodon, Meshuggah, Metallica, Megadeth, Korn, Slipnot, Dillinger Escape Plan ( that band is f'ng crazy but fun! ) Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Godsmack, System of A Down, Classic metal ,progressive and classic rock bands of course like Iron, Maiden, Ozzy, Triumph, Journey,VH, Night Ranger, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, Genesis, Yes bands like that as well as the great pioneers like Beatles/Stones and guitar players of course ..Clapton, Stevie Ray and the gazillion other greats.. lately I'm really into songs either with great melodies and textures and other sounds to incorporate into that context as well as just having fun experimenting- bands trying different approaches into interesting and unusual territory :-) Meshuggah/ Mastodon, a lot of modern and extreme prog metal, anything that involves 7 and 8 string guitars - THAT'S a direction I am really digging but then again I'm open to a bunch of other approaches and sounds as well. .. there's always more. That's why I love sites like Hearthis because it exposes all the music that's out there that many would never get to opportunity to hear! It's a beautiful thing!

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