• Vincenzo Sessa
    electronica november 2017 mixed by Sessa Vincenzo

    #2 electronica november 2017 mixed by Sessa Vincenzo by Vincenzo Sessa
    Great intro track! I understand that this mix has hit the chart here on hearthis.at - as number 1 even! Great job, Vincenzo :o] ++ karma to you, my friend.I posted this mix on my Twitter and Facebook accounts as well: https://twitter.com/dnskse/status/933892538485833728 / https://www.facebook.com/dnsk.se/posts/1169114346553557 - I hope that this brings my favoriteWhat a drop! Very nice bass flutter ++the second!...and this reprise - the return to a previous piece, altough now original mix - is great.my favoriteYet again, what an awesome build to a very, very intense drop. That train whistle echoes in my head now, haha! :o]Great ending, Vincenzo! ++ This mix was lovely. Thank you for sharing your work. Keep it up! :o]
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La Ciotat electronic

    0:00   &ME - The Rapture
    4:40   Tim Andresen - Let It Go (BiG AL Remix)
    6:00   Modd - Kioki
    9:00   Monolink - Burning Sun (DAVI Remix]
    12:20   Modd - Buran
    17:00   Tim Engelhardt / Leonard Bywa - Chymera
    21:20   Le Jeune Flueck - Foenix
    29:20   HOSH - Rose Marines Saga
    32:20   Eze Ramirez - Began (Original Mix]
    37:40   Arturo Gioia - Little Helper 285-4
    40:40   Monolink - Burning Sun (Original]
    52:20   meHilove - Oblivion (Aaron Static Remix)

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