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UUSVAN - Cosmic Sound (Intro Mix) [Not no label]
Loquai - Cybertronics (Steve McGrath Reprise Remix) [Refined Tunes]
Gregory Esayan - Healer (Original Mix) [Silk Music]
Illuminor, Dan Sieg - No Way Back Up (Original Mix) [Silk Royal Records]
Klartraum - Growth (Original Mix) [Lucidflow]
Raggapop Inc, Elevate - Time Machine (Original Mix) [Pineapple Digital]
Nicolas Agudelo & Andrei Niconoff - Overworld (Faskil Remix) [Clinique Recordings]
Bring Bliss, Sonya P. - Wish the Night (Stas Isometrica Remix) [Intricate Records]
Naevia, Damien Spaceman - Are You There (Breaks Mix) [406 Records]
Solesystem pres. Init8 - Mystic (Original Mix) [Mistique Music]
Atrium Sun - Sunshine (Breaks Mix) [Morphosis Records]
Kyau & Albert - 7Skies (Solid Stone Remix) [Euphonic]
Alex Skywalker, Reprobate - The Siren's Call (Original Mix) [Spatium]
Alfoa - The Words We Spoken (Cullen Remix) [Welcome Music]

    Timed Tracklist
    5:20   Gregory Esayan - Healer
    13:20   Dan Sieg & Illuminor - No Way Back Up (Dub Mix]
    18:40   Klartraum - Growth
    40:20   Bring Bliss & Sonya P. - Wish the Night (Stas Isometrica Remix]
    45:40   Naevia - Are You There
    51:00   Solesystem pres. Init8 - Mystic
    1:02:40   Kyau & Albert - 7Skies [ABGT180]
    1:07:40   Reprobate - The Siren's Call
    1:13:40   Alfoa - The Words We Spoken (Cullen Remix]
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    Chillout, ATMOSPHERIC BREAKS, Trance
    • Type: Mix
    • 125 bpm
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