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Yaleesa Hall - Woodall Will & Ink (WNKLP001)
release date: 07 November 2016

[ Formats ] Vinyl 2xLP - Gatefold Sleeve € 20.00 » Buy

[ Track List 2xLP ] a1. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0217
a2. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0056
a3. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0508
a4. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0242
b1. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0215
b2. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0301
b3. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0406
b4. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0212
c1. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0302
c2. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0208
c3. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0600
d1. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0244
d2. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0618
d3. Yaleesa Hall - Woodall 0244

After three years and ten EPs, Amsterdam’s Will & Ink label offers up its first full length. It comes from label favorite Yaleesa Hall, is called Woodall and features 14 tracks across a 2 x 12" that explore texture, space and sound design in fascinating ways.

Since 2014 Yaleesa Hall has released four EPs on the label and has become known for breakbeat laced stripped-down techno. This debut album finds the producer indulging a less dance floor focussed version of his sound, and one that is better suited to the full length format. Explaining that his tracks most often start as “sound structures and experiments” that then get reworked for the club, here they stay closer to their original forms. Says the artist: ”The album is about two things. Flux and friction. I set out to compose something where things evolve organically and where structures and patterns in sound fluctuate fluently. The second aspect is making the sounds interfere and fight together, making it struggle of sorts.”

There is a loose and sketchy feel to the album with many tracks being under three minutes. It makes it a dynamic listen that demands you come back for more and more. When you do you find industrial ambiance and unsettling drones, the sounds of broken machines and sonic dust and dirt all rubbing up with organic pianos and heavenly chords. Pulsing synths and DIY percussion instruments are close miked whilst broad double bass stokes are off in the distance. When the odd drum line does appear, it is expertly swung and really makes you move.

Woodall is sound sculpture that is electronic and synthetic but also made of real world sounds that are all truly absorbing.

    0:00   Yaleesa Hall - A1 Woodall 0217
    2:20   Yaleesa Hall - A2 Woodall 0056
    3:20   Yaleesa Hall - A3 Woodall 0508
    8:20   Yaleesa Hall - A4 Woodall 0242
    11:00   Yaleesa Hall - B1 Woodall 0215
    13:20   Yaleesa Hall - B2 Woodall 0301
    16:40   Yaleesa Hall - B3 Woodall 0406
    20:20   Yaleesa Hall - B4 Woodall 0212
    22:40   Yaleesa Hall - C1 Woodall 0302
    25:40   Yaleesa Hall - C2 Woodall 0208
    28:20   Yaleesa Hall - C3 Woodall 0600
    34:20   Yaleesa Hall - D1 Woodall 0244
    37:00   Yaleesa Hall - D2 Woodall 0618
    43:20   Yaleesa Hall - D3 Woodall 0244

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