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A rising gun who's hell bent on mustering a treacly pricker of a sound accompanied by an intellectual and sometimes slithering groove, Dave-Eaux stays true to his mental provocations which piqued his effervescent interest into the scene.

Dave-Eaux is a vernal and keen being whose presence is mostly felt in his end matter in which he draws his influences from the likes of Alvaro Hylander, Addex, The Timewriter and Agn├Ęs.
His debut release which was released on the label "Ababili Recordings" provides a head bobbing, feet stomping feel. Two tracks that feature diverse approaches which is discerned from his unique sound, is filled with structure and purpose.

His latest release is a remix for Dynamicsoul titled "The Vibe (Dave-Eaux remix)." The package also includes a remix by Eddvin and Glenn Hobbs.

With that said, sit tight and let Dave-Eaux steer your mood into Neverland with his orgasmic grooves.

    5:00   Dynamicsoul - Don't Like New York
    25:20   Tommy Deep - What We Have Found To Be
    27:20   Tommy Deep - What We Have Found To Be - Original Mix
    29:40   Minimal Groove - Remember Me
    36:40   Da Lex DJ - Floating In Limbo - Tranciac Inception Mix
    37:40   Da Lex DJ - Floating In Limbo
    43:40   Sei A - I Know

    Deep House
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