Profile description of Tricky Beats:

Rishabh verma popularly known as Tricky Beats
lives in India,bhopal

His journey began at the age of 16
when he first saw the video of a DJ Accidentally
and then he also promised himself that he will also become a best in the world.
He started with basic using some software,but the he borrowed a midi controller from his friend,
His family didn't know that he wanted to become a dj.Then When he got his first chance to show his talent in a pub in his own city then he decided he make best out of it.
Eventually he got success
and continued to perform in the club but now he needed something more,someone to guide him so he joined NKD
The best DJ in the town and DJ NKD guided him,he made him perfect
.He gived him knowledge
about different type of tracks genres etc.He thought him how to do perfect djyeeing

and now his dream is to play in tommorowland.


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