Heres a composition dedicated to the goddeses & a plea for understanding and world peace!
In the following, you shall find samples of one of my favorite and likely your favorite camgoddess Miss Emily Grey!
Inside you shall also find samples of paleo-conservative television host and commenter William F. Buckley Jr.
On his program, Mr Buckley hosted journalist Hunter S. Thonpson! Gonzo af!
May love continue to set the tone henceforth in this world and the worlds beyond!
Do check out Emily, as im sure you will agree that she is one of the absdolute sweetest and most adorablel women in our realm! ♥

    Ambient, avangard experimental, zen
    • Type: Remix
    • 154 bpm
    • Key: Em
    • © All rights reserved
    • Oakland, United States of America
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