Gioachino Antonio Rossini brings us 'The Barber of Seville' - Figaro's Aria, performed by Pietro Spagnoli.

Check out my homemade music video I created for YouTube:

Gioachino Antonio Rossini nous apporte ‘Le Barbier de Séville’ - aria de Figaro, interprété par Pietro Spagnoli.

Regardez la vidéo musicale que j'ai créé pour YouTube:

Gioachino Antonio Rossini nos trae 'El barbero de Sevilla' - La Aria de Figaro, interpretada por Pietro Spagnoli.

Mira mi video musical casero que creé para YouTube:


L'italien est la langue de la musique classique, avec des termes comme crescendo, forte, soprano, alto ou tempo.

El italiano es el idioma de la música clásica, con términos como crescendo, forte, soprano, alto o tempo.

Italian is the language of classical music, with terms like crescendo, forte, soprano, alto or tempo.



Prenez plaisir!



To be able to understand what's happening in the video at times, here are the lyrics (in English and Italian):

Pour pouvoir comprendre ce qui se passe parfois dans la vidéo, voici les paroles (en anglais et en italien):

Para poder entender lo que sucede en el video a veces, aquí están las letras (en inglés e italiano):

Great!, handyman of the city. Great!
Early in the workshop I arrive at dawn. Early!
Ah, what a life, what a pleasure
For a barber (of quality)!

Ah, bravo Figaro!
Bravo, very good! I am the luckiest, it's the truth!

Ready for anything, night and day I'm always on the move.
Cushier fate for a barber,
A more noble life cannot be found.

Razors and combs
Lancets and scissors, at my command everything is here.

Here are the extra tools then, for business
With the ladies... with the gentlemen…

Everyone asks me, everyone wants me, women, children, old people, young ones:
Here are the wigs…
A quick shave of the beard…
Here are the leeches for bleeding…
The note…
Here are the wigs, a quick shave soon,
The note, hey!
Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!,

Alas, what frenzy!
Alas, what a crowd!
One at a time, for goodness sake!

Figaro! I'm here.
Hey, Figaro! I'm here.
Figaro here, Figaro there,
Figaro up, Figaro down,
Swifter and swifter
I'm like a spark: I'm the handyman of the city.

Ah, bravo Figaro!
Bravo, very good;
Fortunately for you I will not fail.


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