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HEART-SOUL-TECHNO VOL.007 (N.Y.C. FRIENDS) KRAMS MIX, OCT,13th, 2016 is A Special Mix Dedicated to all the Friends In N.Y.C. that Made me who I am today. The Songs chosen were done so Not Only because of their production, which is critical but because of special lines and words, that I manipulated into a Story told through this Set. Take this Ride with me to the Future Sounds of Techno! Dedicated to the people in N.Y.C. that made this dream come true, thank you All, I LOVE YOU! Due to this List Being Long, as it should be with any DJ that's made some ground in the Industry. I encourage you to check on my Facebook for a Complete List: {https://www.facebook.com/djtommytunes/posts/10153824590572623} and would like thank my new friends I've been making through this new series of Mixes, Honestly didn't think the response would be as Welcoming as it Has, thank you! I love You All as well!

    1:00   HP Source - Isochronus
    6:00   Emiel Zwart - Church
    11:00   Swallen - Follow Me
    16:00   Jackmaster - Bang The Box
    21:20   Sopik - People
    26:00   Frank Biazzi - Attraction
    35:40   Fabrizio Gigante - They Were Saying This - Josement Remix
    47:40   Mosiak Frequency - Techno Psychiatry
    52:00   Joseph Dalik - Overdrive - Original Mix
    56:00   Claas Herrmann - Tau (Original Mix)

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