Profile description of Tim Aaron:

Progressive house producer/dj.

Christian Monique - Endless Road (Tim Aaron Remix) out now on VaronA.

Mystic Carousel
Clinique Recordings
3xA Music
Terminology Records
Green Martian

Tim Aaron is a true rebel. A revolutionary. Braking the stereotype surrounding dance music linking it to heavy alcohol and drug use Tim is completely sober and promotes healthy drug free life style. When he is not in the studio making music or at the gym working out Tim is out protesting against exploitation of animals raising public awareness about animal cruelty.

Tim's musical journey started with his parents' collection of vinyl records around the age of 4. He would spend hours listening to everything he could find from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Space and Cocteau Twins. Around the age of 11 when he first learned he could make music on the computer curiosity took over and the desire to try to create his own sounds started what later became a life long passion and one of the things that form and define what he is today.

Tim's love of groovy rhythms and percussion and strong attention to detail have created high demand with labels reaching out with remix requests and offers to release original music. With support from some of the biggest names in the scene Tim is emerging as one of the most promising producers and djs in the world of progressive house. His sound is never the same, always balancing between house, techno and trance, although many would say there is something in every track that sounds exactly like Tim Aaron. Either way Tim never stops working on his sound and perfecting his skills as there is always room for improvement and perfection is relative. One thing is certain - the future looks promising for Tim Aaron and given his dedication we can expect all kinds of shenanigans from him in the coming years.

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