Profile description of T!LT (Bloody Feet / JungleTrip):

DJ since 2001. The first time I played Techno and Breakcore. Since 2006, DnB & Jungle. Since 2013,DnB, Jungle, Drumfunk, Halfstep and Amen stuff.

In 2009 i founded Bloody Feet .
Bloody Feet is a DnB and Jungle Crew. Since 2015 Bloody Feet is also a Netlabel.

In 2010 i founded JungleTrip.
JungleTrip is an event once a year. From 2011, organized with the M12 Crew.

    Relapse - The Probalitty of Succumbing to Violent Whim (DSCI4)
    Cryogenics - Cyberchrist (Omni Music)
    J.Robinson - Gunshot (Foundation X)
    D.K. Ritual - Death does not Dance (Ruffneck Rollaz)
    Dom & Roland - Come to Conquer (Violence Recordings)
    Double O - Hypnotise (Eastern Promise Audio)
    unknown Dub -
    Double O - Irovy Lion (Phuture T Rmx) (Eastern Promise Audio)
    B-Key - Jah Jah (Scientific Wax)
    Parallel - A Glimpse at the Dawn of Time (DSCI4)
    Insight - The Shamen (DSCI4)
    SPL - Derelict
    Cryogenics - Aquaris (Minus 32 Recordings)
    Smyla - Ghia (Jungle Syndicate Rec Free Release)
    Xenovictus - Synthless (forthcoming Bloody Feet Rec)
    Xenovictus - First Feetstep (forthcoming Bloody Feet Rec)

    Drum & Bass, Amen, Dark, DnB, Jungle, Drumfunk
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