Here's a mix of recent productions and released remixes / unreleased remixes contests.

I wasn't standing behind CD-J's for a long time, about 2 years now, soooo don't be too harsh concerning the mixes ;)

Last track has been added on special request, for the winter time so, yeah. Enjoy my music, hope you like it. :)

Thomas Frankenbach // Tom Smylez


Hella Donna - Not the Cure (Remix Contest - Unreleased)
Alex Noise - Need my beat (Tom Smylez Edit - Released)
Tom Smylez - Endless Love (Electro Edit - Released)
Tom Smylez - Smylez for me (Original - Released)
ERM aka Mindvirus - Mood in Space (Tom Smylez Edit - Unreleased)
Jasmin Barbir - Bring me Joy ( Tom Smylez Edit - Released)
WazToo & Tom Smylez - Tanzklar (Original - Released)
Club Deluxe / Leila K - Je me vois (Tom Smylez Edit - Released)
Channel East - TL3 (Tom Smylez Edit - Unreleased)
Jasmin Barbir - you got to have to (Tom Smylez Edit - Unreleased)
Dean Pokorny - Why ! (Tom Smylez Edit - Released)

++ BONUS ++

[BOOTLEG ] Dean Martin's "Let it snow" (Tom Smylez & Quantexx Club Mix)

    Full Link
    Short Link (Twitter)