Getting late, ten to eight
"Where's the head of foam?"
"Screw you then", five to ten
I am trudging home
Soda jerk, still at work
"Baby wants a ring"
Sweats it out, has no doubt
He'll live like a king

Was like him, her each whim
Was a must for me
Got two boys - baby's toys
Ain't no fun for me
Once I heard, word for word
"Meet your father Ron"
Was it true? Now I knew
All my love was gone

Hey, today
No love is left
It died so long ago

Restless nights, bled me white
Filled my veins with scorn
I don't care, when and where
Our love was torn
Get it straight, damn, I hate
All your dizzy spells
And we hear, loud and clear
Final farewells

Hey, today ..

After years of bliss
You chose my old friend
And I should 'ave guessed
Now all good things must end

Packs of lies made me wise
Now I'm in the zone
Proud and free, look it's me
Living on my own

Hey today ..

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