The Guido K. Group: Subway Lifes

("vocal" version)

Composed and played by Guido Kämmerling (Langerwehe/Germany).

All instruments, sounds, programming, recording & editing by The Guido K. Group.

The GKG Group plays VST EPianos, DVS Saxophone, Trumpets, Warm Chorus Strat Guitar, DVS Guitar, Overdrive & Distoriton Guitars, MT Power Drum Kit & HALion Dry Standard Kit. The VST Effects are SQ8L, STS 11b 7v, STS26 and ASW Virtual Synthesizers. The EPiano Solo (with Early 70s & Natural Tines EPianos) and the Guitar Solo (JD Les Paul with a Fender Mustang "British Watts" Amp) is GK. Oberdubs: None. Vocals: Guess, who ?

© Copyright 2015. All rights of the musical work are reserved and protected by the composer via Using, utilization, embedding, storgage or performance only with the permission of the composer.

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