Joe R. Lewis - Love Of My Own (Album Version) BOOTON RECORDS
Bootleg label based in Chicago run by Kevin Starke of Kstarke Records and Warehouse Box Tracks Records.
Joe Lewis – Love of My Own
Ron: “This is one of those tracks that no one ever talks about. Maybe they don’t talk about it because they didn’t get it or just never heard it. This jam in particular hit my neighborhood by storm. Very underground and very true to the essence of Chicago street sound in the 80s. I remember hearing this record on tape a year or two before it found its way onto wax for the public. Previously it was just strictly a select few DJs’ item. People were making their versions of the style of music being played by Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy at the Power Plant and Musicbox. Drum machines and keyboards were becoming a big part of the desires of the urban underground community. Love Of My Own is of that league. Music that allowed imagination and took whoever listened on their own personal journey. Some may listen to this and think “oh how simple”, because of how music and technology has advanced since the early to mid 80s. Take away the radio mentality, the internet mentality, and imagine yourself having never heard anything like this before in 1984 and see where it takes you…”

    Deep House, Chicago House
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