After the amazing response from the mix I posted last week, I thought I would post another one of the old mix's recorded live at Rj's Nightclub New Brighton. Again the mixing is not perfect but it was all live on vinyl (no sync buttons here) but thought I would post it anyway as so many of you enjoyed the one i posted last week.

It actually managed too get too #4 in the Hearthis dance chart, which i really wasn't thank you for the support.

This mix features myself The DJ T and The JFMC & Jack B on vocals. If you like it please share it and follow.

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Been a long time since Rj's what i wouldnt give too have Rjs back :) hope you all enjoy and it brings back as many great memorys for you as it did for me listening back to it. please leave a comment if you remember how much fun we had back then :)

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