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"Seek you shall find.. Look within and you will know,..
where your coming from.. and where you gotta go."

Featuring some of the 'clubbier side' of what I
consider 'intelligent dance music' - some really
more laid-back electronic grooves, served in a clean
harmonic tuned mix format. I hope you enjoy.

I'm planning an upcoming mix set featuring fellow
hearthis.at members remixes of all genres of dance
tracks. See the set at
you are able to upload remixes of current or
even totally original works for consideration for inclusion
in a "HearThis.at Creative Portfolio Mixset."
I hope you will find it worthwhile to participate with me
as I've checked out many members original remixes
both commercial hits as well as totally original tracks
and I'm positive the compilation would be a proud
production. HearThis.at is a truly wonderful resource
for mixsers, remixers, hobby dj's and most importantly-
those who come and show love and support by listening,
clicking 'like' and resharing their favorite findings.

    Deep House, Electronica, Original Mixes, Driving Mix, Road Trip Mixsets, Top Notch Mixshow, Harmonic Mixing, Mix to Provide Great Background Tunes at Party, Laid back dance music nonstop dj mixed, DJ Mixed, Unedited Radio Mixshow Recording, Orbitalunderground, Hit D
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