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Yesterday was May the 4th Be With You. TODAY is REVENGE OF THE 5TH! T tricks out the PhooleOut Shelter and turns it into a museum to adorable/awesome Star Wars toys! The tunes are all related to Star Wars in one way or another! Phoole gets snobby about parodies and drinks blue milk whilst being a Jedi Master. T makes crazy little videos of in-studio action while Phoole scrambles to handle all the controls AND drink blue milk. Light-sabing! And Phooligans turn out in Force (LOL) to enjoy parodies, tributes, bleeps, boops, and pew-pew-pew DISCO LASERS in a galaxy far, far away!
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    0:00   Martin Spitznagel & Bryan Wright - Star Wars: Cantina Band in Ragtime
    1:40   Various Artists - Last train to Trancentral (Live From The Lost Continent)
    6:20   John Williams - Episode IV - Main Title
    9:40   John Williams - The Imperial March
    10:20   Scandroid - The Force Theme
    15:40   "Weird Al" Yankovic - The Saga Begins (Lyrical Adaption of "American Pie")
    22:00   Various Artists - C-3P0's Plight
    26:00   Meco - Star Wars- LP Version
    41:40   Bad Lip Reading - Bushes of Love
    46:20   Various Artists - Force
    50:00   John Williams - Cantina Band
    56:00   Various Artists - Star Tripper
    1:00:40   "Weird Al" Yankovic - Yoda
    1:04:40   Public Service Broadcasting - Go!
    1:08:40   John Williams - Cantina Band #2
    1:12:20   Bad Lip Reading - Seagulls! (Stop It Now)
    1:16:00   Yolanda Be Cool - Soul Makossa (Money) - UK Radio Edit
    1:19:20   Various Artists - R2 Knows
    1:24:20   Eddie Izzard - The Deathstar Canteen
    1:28:00   The Young Punx - The Young Punx Theme
    1:33:40   David Bowie - New Killer Star (Radio Edit)
    1:38:00   Celldweller - The Imperial March
    1:41:00   Bad Lip Reading - Not the Future
    1:46:40   DJ EQ - Robots and Love
    1:56:20   John Williams - Episode IV - The Throne Room and End Title
    1:57:00   John Williams & London Symphony Orchestra - Episode IV - The Throne Room and End Title

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