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I am a recording artist and all the material I put on
the web is what I have created and recorded on my own.
I have no band and the tunes are created using basic
overdubs, multitracking and sequencing.
I use Cubase Pro 11
The gear I use : BMG special( brian may red special), Sterling albert lee musicman, Gibson SG special, Epiphone 59 les paul, fender stratocaster (usa), fender stratocaster (mim), fender telecaster (mim), PRS SE standard 24, Yamaha APX500II elec/acoustic, squier jazz bass, Yamaha MOX6 workstation, 3 E-drumkits to play/program the backing tracks ready for the guitar, bass and keyboard overdubs.
Effects: Boss GP10, Boss GT-1000 multi processor, Roland GR55 guitar synth. Pedalboard: Boss DS-1, Strymon irridium amp pedal, Boss DD6, Boss RV6.
I compose all my backing parts from scratch.
When I`m happy with the mix it can be mastered to the formats WAVE & MP3.

When i was 18 I cut my arm. it was pretty bad and I damaged a tendon
which affected my left hand ring finger, Cant completely flatten it.
Then a few years later I fell and broke the knuckle on the same hand.
I never had it set so its a bit bent.
I still stuck to playing my guitar. Had to play barre chords differently and the speed in my fingers was an issue but I carried
on and still play quite efficiently now. (would have preferred to have full functionality). But some of the greats have had these sort of problems . django, tony iommi and mel galley. If you love playing then you`ll find a way.

Phil Spencer

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    • 106 bpm
    • Key: Em
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