THE WIZARD DK - Halloween Special 2020(Trick Or Treat Cosmic Cat Witch)

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Samhein Story:
The Demon Song,Psycho,Freed From Airwave.
Cat,Trick Or Treat,The Wicked Witch Of The West,Black Magic,Lost Legacy.
Witch,Carnival,Ghost Love,Made In Shadows.
I Am Free,Like a Free Tibet Lockout.
Cosmic Cat,Irish Wolfhound,Bridge To Terabithia,Endless Dialog.
Ghost Guitar,Dance With The Devil,Gimme Gimme Gimme.
Ghostbusters,Rapture,Another Brick In The Wall,In And Out Of My Life.
White Night,Ghosts,Farligt Rollespil,Wherever You Go,Night Meeting!

01 ID S-The Demon Song(Original Mix)[Gert Sound Records]
02 Infected Mushroom-Psycho(Original Mix)[HOM-Mega Productions]
03 Rank 1 & Inversed vs.Gala-Freed From Airwave(Mr.Trancetive Mashup)[SC]
04 Bastien Groove & Guillermo Castillo-Cat(Original Mix)[Run Records]
05 Para Nebula-Trick Or Treat(Wald Geist Remix)[WDG-Music]
06 Open Source-The Wicked Witch Of The West(Original Mix)[Ghost Label Records]
07 Blisargon Demogorgon vs.Module Virus-Black Magic(Original Mix)[Green Wizards Records]
08 Bloodfury-Lost Legacy(Original Mix)[D.MAX Dark]
09 Platinum Butterfly-Witch(Original Mix)[Unique Sound Records]
10 Synthetic Fantasy-Carnival(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
11 Lilly Sinatra-Ghost Love(Intro Mix)[Pegasus Music]
12 O.B.M Notion-Made In Shadows(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
13 Ciro Visone & Magdalen Silvestra-I Am Free(Original Mix)[VERSE(Equinox)]
14 Vini Vici & Highlight Tribe vs Solarstone & Jes vs Miroslav Vrlik & Allen Watts-Like a Free Tibet Lockout(Sam King Mashup)[SC]
15 DJ SPF-Cosmic Cat(300esm Mix)[Eternal Sun Hymns]
16 Suplifth-Irish Wolfhound(Harmonic Operation Remix)[AlYf Recordings]
17 Akamana-Bridge To Terabithia(Original Mix)[Soundport Recordings]
18 Wisefox-Endless Dialog(Original Mix)[SC]
19 Paralitic Twins-Ghost Guitar(Original Mix)[Psycana Records]
20 D Devils-Dance With The Devil(Impact Groove Remix)[AU]
21 ABBA-Gimme Gimme Gimme(Nollan Remix)[XMOD Records]
22 Chrizzlix-Ghostbusters(Remix)[SC]
23 IIO-Rapture(Alchimyst Bootleg)[SC]
24 Pink Floyd-Another Brick In The Wall(4U & Guilherme P. Bootleg)[AU]
25 Adeva-In And Out Of My Life(F.R.E.D. Remix)[SC]
26 Ruslan Device & Katsu-White Night(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
27 Khairy Ahmed & Gamal Ahmed-Ghosts(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
28 Jon Skarin-Farligt Rollespil(Platinum Butterfly Remix)[PP]
29 Danny Cullen & Christina Novelli & Hit The Bass-Wherever You Go(Eximinds Remix)[inHarmony]
30 Astropilot-Night Meeting(Remastered)[AstropilotMusic]

Happy Samhein.


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    Trance, Psychedelic, goatrance, progressive trance, Deep Techno, Tech House
    • Version: 00
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 140 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution, Share Alike
    • The Wizard Nebula
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