THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 90(Lost World Waiting For A Change)

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Story 90 :
Hello,Waiting For Change,On The Other Side.
The Birth Of A New Day,Arrival On Earth,Forever Yours,Karelia.
Carpe Noctum,Nowhere.
A Man With No Shadow,Cruel,Up Hill,Bring On The Sound.
Rock To The Rhythm,Dance With Me,Separated,Yummy,Till We Meet Again.
A New Beginning,Plasma,The Little Machine,ROBOTS.
The Desire For Power,Waves Of Life.
Legends,Invisible,Kosmonova,Panacea,Lost World,In Her Blue Eyes.
For The Ones We Loved,I´ll Wait Forever,Asian Beauty.

01 Chumee-Hello(Extended Mix)[Sakura Records]
02 Akerman-Waiting For Change(Original Mix)[Eternal Sun Records]
03 Awake From A Dream-On The Other Side(Original Mix)[XMOD Records]
04 Alexei Maslov-The Birth Of A New Day(Emotional Mix)[Neostatics Sounds]
05 MakeFlame & Angelia Grace-Arrival On Earth(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
06 Maxiemilianos-Forever Yours(Original Mix)[TRANCEfonic Records]
07 One Pale Ghost-Karelia(Extended Mix)[Defcon Recordings]
08 ZQRM-Carpe Noctum(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
09 Trancenoid-Nowhere(Original Mix)[Azure Recordings]
10 Dalphon-A Man With No Shadow(Original Mix)[Eximinds Airlines]
11 M4ssive Lines-Cruel(Original Mix)[FREE]
12 Linzy Creber-Up Hill(Original Mix)[Legent Records]
13 OSC3-Bring On The Sound(Original Mix)[XMOD Records]
14 ROMBE4T-Rock To The Rhythm(Original Mix)[UFO Recordz]
15 Kyle Kinch-Dance With Me(Original Mix)[Holy Mole]
16 Lisaya-Separated(Extended Mix)[Defcon Recordings]
17 Justin Bieber-Yummy(Pink Panda Remix)[Pink Panda Promo]
18 Maxiemilianos-Till We Meet Again(Original Mix)[TRANCEfonic Records]
19 Enigmatic Arrow-A New Beginning(Original Mix)[D.MAX Recordings]
20 Iain Mitchell-Plasma(Original Mix)[Gert Records]
21 David Calo-The Little Machine(Original Mix)[Blumoog Music]
22 Dan & Tom-ROBOTS(Original Mix)[XMOD Records]
23 D V Project-The Desire For Power(Club Mix)[Eternal Sun Music]
24 Andy Traxx-Waves Of Life(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
25 Amr Mohsen-Legends(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
26 Delatte-Invisible(Extended Mix)[Vibrate White]
27 XTREME-Kosmonova(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
28 Eldream & Mark Wild-Panacea(Elite Electronic Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
29 Forelsket-Lost World(Original Mix)[VERSE(Equinox)]
30 Renal Shamsutdinov-In Her Blue Eyes(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
31 Mostafa Rebel-For The Ones We Loved(Classic Mix)[D.MAX Recordings]
32 Maxiemilianos-I´ll Wait Forever(Original Mix)[TRANCEfonic Records]
33 Chillmakers-Asian Beauty(Original Mix)[Dinner Destinations]

hope you like it :)
PS: i think this is my first ever chart entry on :D
THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 90(Lost World Waiting For A Change)
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    • Version: 90
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