THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 88 (Oh My God,Complicated Everblue Doom!)

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Ghost Love,Just For You,Lift Off,Blue,Echosphere.
Elation,Ecstasy,From The Beginning To The End.
Shine Again,Evolutionary,Everblue,Complicated,Dark Trance.
Sleep Paralysis,Deep Immersing,Mind Games,Neutron Star,Doom!
Exhile Island,Audientia,Black Hole Spiral,Cardinal Points,Domenica.
Four Leaf Clover,Oxygen,Polymnia,Prometheus.
Our Story,Rewired,Make It To Heaven,Paradise Circus.
Psybient Journey,Blue,Oh My God

01 Lilly Sinatra-Ghost Love(Intro Mix)[Pegasus Music]
02 Trancephile-Just For You(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
03 Fawzy & Muhamed Sherief-Lift Off(Extended Mix)[Vibrate Audio]
04 Eiffel 65 + Da Tweekaz,Code Black & Adrenalize-Blue(Team Blue Extended Mix)[SoundCloud]
05 Myk Bee-Echosphere(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
06 GeorD-Elation(Journey Mix)[VERSE(Equinox)]
07 W!SS-Ecstasy(Original Mix)[Eximinds Airlines]
08 Filinskiy-From The Beginning To The End(Original Mix)[Eternal Sun Music]
09 Ather & Glorious-Shine Again(Extended Mix)[Evolve Records]
10 AirTouch & FXH-Evolutionary(Extended Mix)[Vibrate Black]
11 Vertical State-Everblue(Extended Mix)[Defcon Recordings]
12 Avril Lavigne-Complicated(Jesse Bloch & Jesse James Booty)[SoundCloud]
13 MAQ-Dark Trance(Original Mix)[Neostatics Sounds]
14 Sam Mitcham & Defcon Audio-Sleep Paralysis(Paul Denton Remix)[Defcon Recordings]
15 CJ Hajsarov-Deep Immersing(400esm Mix)[Eternal Sun Records]
16 Jamie Walker-Mind Games(Original Mix)[Defcon Recordings]
17 M45-Neutron Star(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
18 Sound State-Doom!(Extended Mix)[Vibrate Black]
19 Ula-Exhile Island(Kamil Brandt Remix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
20 Binary Ensemble-Audientia(Original Mix)[D.MAX Recordings]
21 Cedric Lass-Black Hole Spiral(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
22 Kross & Fader-Cardinal Points(Original Mix)[Evolve Records]
23 The Skysurfers-Domenica(Original Mix)[Fuzion Four Records]
24 TRjdiam & Bright Blue-Four Leaf Clover(Original Mix)[VERSE(Equinox)]
25 Andy Kern-Oxygen(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
26 Twin View-Polymnia(Original Mix)[Eximinds Airlines]
27 DJ Panda & Alexey Polozok-Prometheus(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
28 Hiromori Aso-Our Story(Original Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
29 InnerSync-Rewired(Original Mix)[VERSE(Equinox)]
30 David Guetta & MORTEN with Raye-Make It To Heaven(Ollker Edit)[SoundCloud]
31 Massive Attack-Paradise Circus(Ghost Rider & Morten Granau Remix)[SoundCloud]
32 Viking Trance-Psybient Journey(Original Mix)[Viking Trance]
33 Eiffel 65-Blue(A Liga Remix)[SoundCloud]
34 Goblins From Mars-Oh My God[SoundCloud]

Hope you like it :)

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    • Key: Gm
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