THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 80(New World Forever Planet Earth)

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Credo,Da Funky Beat,Dawn.
Deadly Kiss,Dragon,Dream,Fading Time,Into the Dark.
Somewhere Else,From Above,God Bless 140.
Hard Melody,Haunt Me.
I Fly,I'm A Rainbow,It's a DEEP time.
Kira in the Rain,Memories of Spring,Mysterious Phenomena.
System Is Corrupt,On Pleasure,New World,Out of Time.
Lucky,One & Only,Realm Of Love,Something Else,Ordinary World.
Salva Mea,back To Earth,Thalassa.
Earthman,Forever Planet Earth!

01 Sandro Mireno & Thornmail-Credo(Intro Edit)
02 DJ 156 BPM-Da Funky Beat(Club Mix)
03 John Manz & Vantala-Dawn(Extended Mix)
04 Luigi Gori & Frankye Lova-Deadly Kiss(Original Mix)
05 Rekore-Dragon(Original Mix)
06 Fulgurant Ft.Hooman Nemati-Dream(Original Mix)
07 Muto'S-Fading Time(Original Mix)
08 Fabrice-Into the Dark(Original Mix)
09 Airdream & Matt Robertson-Somewhere Else(Original Mix)
10 OSC3-From Above(Original Mix)
11 Stayer X-God Bless 140(Original Mix)
12 Dennis Moskvin-Hard Melody(Club Mix)
13 Ivan Roudyk & Teana Koss-Haunt Me(Original Mix)
14 Triode-I Fly(Extended Mix)
15 Dj Nil-I'm A Rainbow(Kapral Remix)
16 Narkoteq-It's a DEEP time(Original Mix)
17 Cocoland-Kira in the Rain(Original Mix)
18 David Surok-Memories of Spring(Alternate High Remix)
19 Numall Fix-Mysterious Phenomena(Original Mix)
20 Neos-System Is Corrupt(Original Mix)
21 Wormaz-On Pleasure(Club Mix)
22 Rafa Montejo-New World(Original Mix)
23 Jean Clemence-Out of Time(Extended Mix)
24 Tuncay Turan-Lucky(Original Mix)
25 Edwin Jack ft.Funky Spacer-One & Only(Sanny X Dub Mix)
26 NUOWO-Realm Of Love(Original Mix)
27 NX Trance-Something Else(Original Mix)
28 DJ T.H.& Nadi Sunrise ft.Damae-Ordinary World(DJ Quicksilver Remix)
29 Faithless-Salva Mea(Dj Quicksilver Remix)
30 Yves Deruyter-back To Earth(Rave Mix)
31 DJ Geri-Thalassa(Original Mix)
32 One Arc Degree-Earthman(Original Mix)
33 InnerSync-Forever Planet Earth(Original Mix)

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