THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 50 (Awakening To Be Who We Truly Are)

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01 Dominik von Francois-Strogressive(Marian Closca Chillout Remix)[Pulsar Recordings]
02 Abyss(Giuseppe Morabito)-Collapse[Kismet Records]
03 Franco Rossi-Imperial Droid[Kill Me Tomorrow]
04 Schwarz & Weisz-Under Attack(Florian Schmidt Remix)[Ace Up My Sleeve Records]
05 Emaxx Cost Manu Escobar-The Dark Side[Kill Me Tomorrow Records]
06 Charlie Atom-Black Magic(Original Mix)[Ensis Records]
07 SHLOMIxCOYU-Profound Blonda(Unofficial Heinrich & Heine Rework)[HUHFREE001]
08 S.D.A.-Technologic(Original Mix)[BAD MUSIC]
09 Reflect-Techno Revolucion(Original Mix)[Eme Music]
10 Key-Spong(Original Mix)[Appointed Recordings]
11 Sky Angel & Shockwaves-New Horizon(Sebastian Montano Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
12 Ithur-Hidden Feelings(Original Mix)[Liberty Music Records]
13 Ciro Visone & Mr.Hyde-Emozioni(Original Mix)[Neurals Records]
14 Al Sebastian-Adoraos(Original Mix)[Mysterious Station]
15 Ciro Visone & Rita Visone-Millenia(Original Mix)[Abora Skies Recordings]
16 Kiyoi & Eky-Remember When(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
17 Skydivemars With Eddie Grant-The Space Within(Extended Mix)[TripleM Artists]
18 Malek Slim-Shelter(Original Mix)[Mashbuk Recordings]
19 Carl Daylim-Alma(Mike Rodas Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
20 Aurora Night-Destiny(Original Mix)[Mashbuk Recordings]
21 Marc van Gale-Midnight Faces(Original Mix)[Maraphobia Essentials]
22 Arif Kasimov-Course Of Life(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
23 Rave Nine-Saviors(Original Mix)[Azura Recordings]
24 W!SS-Angel Tears(Katylyst Remix)[Liberty Music Records]
25 Maratone-Sunrise(Asteroid Remix)[Maraphobia]
26 Night Sky feat.Sonia Suvagau-To Be Who We Truly Are(Afternova Remix Club Edit)[Abora Recordings]
27 Ryota Arai-Daily Horoscopes(Original Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
28 Samuel Barber-Adagio For Strings(TrancEye Remix)FREE DOWNLOAD[]
29 Zoe Song feat.Sophia Omarji-Frozen In Time(Danny Zero Remix)[Maraphobia Vocalized]
30 Baltic & Prucnel-Animals(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
31 Eric Zimmer & Spins-At Long Last(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]
32 Kevin Vergauwen & Chatry Van Hove-Awakening(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
33 InnerSync-Beach Breeze(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]

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Story :
Imperial Droid,Under Attack.
The Dark Side,Black Magic,Profound Blonda,Technologic,Techno Revolucion.
Spong,New Horizon,Hidden Feelings,Emozioni,Adoraos.
Millenia,Remember When,The Space Within,Shelter,Alma.
Destiny,Midnight Faces.
Course Of Life,Saviors,Angel Tears,Sunrise.
To Be Who We Truly Are.
Daily Horoscopes,Adagio For Strings,Frozen In Time.
Animals,At Long Last,Awakening,Beach Breeze.

    2:03:20   W!SS - Angel Tears - Katylyst Remix
    2:30:20   Zoë Song feat. Sophia Omarji - Frozen In Time - Danny Zero Remix

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